Greens unveil solar policy

by:CTECHi     2021-07-02
The Australian Green Party has issued a policy aimed at helping solar costs by introducing a 50 refundable tax credit, encouraging households to use battery storage technology.Senator Nick McKin saidxa0Policy will supportxa0More than 26,000 Tasman who installed solar energy received $54 million in revenue.Under this policy, peoplexa0Their battery storage system costs up to half, up to $5000 in the first year of the project.
This project willxa0Five years of operation, the credit line willxa0Battery storage costs are expected to drop to $1,500 by 2021.Grant planxa0Low-income people can also use it.Up to 1 is expected.Over the five years of the program, 2 million Australian families were supported.
Together,xa0Small family system in Tasmania statexa0Generatingxa0Aboutxa081.5xa0Over the homes use solar energy on the roof, which is megawatts of electricity.\"The green battery storage policy will support the 26,529 Tasmanian households that already have solar capacity installed and encourage more people to switch to battery storage,\" Senator McKim said .
\"In terms of battery storage, Tasmanian families can get more than $54 million in support.\"Unfortunately, the energy crisis has exposed the vulnerability of the state of Tasmania and our excessesRely on Basslink to import dirty electricity from the latbu Valley.Senator McKim said the policy will change the rules of the game for the state\'s energy security and raise the reputation of Tasmania state as a renewable energy center.
\"The Green Party is the only party with the courage and vision to propose sustainable solutions for energy security in the state of Tasmania.Earlier this week, Green Energy spokesman Rosalie Woodruffxa0Sayxa0Feed-Inxa0Tariffxa0Economic regulators decide to payxa0Solar energyxa0Photovoltaic owners 6.Every kilowatt hour 6c \"is a slap in the facexa0Solar energyxa0Owners and installation industry \".
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