GM puts its money into electric motor business

by:CTECHi     2019-12-02
DETROIT (Reuters)-
GM said on Tuesday it will build a $0. 246 billion facility with U. S. fundingS.
The government will power future hybrids and possibly pure electric vehicles.
The move is part of a push by GM and the Obama administration to develop electric vehicle technology in the United States, and in this potentially prosperous market has weakened the leading position of Asian automakers and suppliers. The first GM-
The motor designed and manufactured is scheduled to be post-2013wheel-
Drive a hybrid.
GM said it would consider-
Provide services for a wider range of electric vehicles.
GM said it would announce a website for the motor manufacturing project later this week.
Electric motor-
An internal combustion engine equivalent to powering traditional vehicles --
Convert the electrical energy of the battery into mechanical energy.
GM\'s investment in motor technology will be partially covered by $105.
Millions of grants from the US governmentS.
The Department of Energy was established in August, the company said. The U. S.
After investing $ 61%, the government holds a 50 billion stake in the company.
These investments are part of America\'s top investments. S.
Efforts by automakers to make more fuel
After rising from American car companies, efficient cars and reshaping their public imageS. government-
Bankruptcy financing in July.
\"Design and manufacture of electric motors-
House, we can use their energy more efficiently as the batteries evolve, which can reduce costs and weight, \"said Tom Stephens, GM\'s vice chairman.
Backward competitors such as Toyota Motor Corp.
Electric hybrid technology, GM has been eager to lead the plug market
Hybrid vehicles such as Chevrolet Volt will be released later this year.
Volt, designed to run 40 miles from a single charge of lithium
As one of the first rechargeable batteries, the ion battery pack has aroused strong interest
A power car that will be launched in the United States.
Universal is making lithium.
By assembling lithium, ion battery packs were prepared for Volt at the refurbished Michigan plant
Ion batteries provided by LG Chem, South Korea.
President Barack Obama has set a goal of charging or \"plug-and-play\" 1 million\"
Hybrid cars in the United StatesS.
Many industry executives and analysts believe that this goal will expand by 2015 due to the high cost of the technology. (
Soyoung Kim, edited by Leslie gwyz, reports)
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