factbox: plans for electric vehicle battery production in europe

by:CTECHi     2020-01-23
Germany has allocated 1 billion euros ($1. 2 billion)
Support a consortium seeking to produce electric vehicle batteries and plan to fund a research facility to develop the next-
Generation solid
Three sources told Reuters the national battery.
It is expected that economic minister Peter Altai Maier will announce these measures next week, aiming to reduce the dependence of German automakers on Asian battery suppliers and to protect dangerous German jobs from internal combustion engines.
Here are the details of the plan to build an electric vehicle (EV)
Battery plant in Europe: The Swedish company, led by a former Tesla executive, aims to build the largest lithium in Europe-
Ion battery factory producing 32 gigawatt hours (GWh)
By 2023, the annual battery will exceed Tesla\'s US market. S. “gigafactory”.
The company, in cooperation with BMW, a German carmaker, plans to increase by 1.
€ 5 billion in debt and equity to build the initial 8 GWh capacity and to request a € 0. 4 billion loan from the European Investment Bank.
Siemens, the German industrial giant, is helping to build factories.
Northvolt will be the lithium of its preferred supplier
Ion batteries at the start of production in 2020.
Northwater also plans to set up a plant in Poland to produce battery systems for energy storage companies and the mining industry.
Gdansk\'s plant will remove the batteries from the Swedish plant and use them to develop battery systems or modules.
A spokesman for Northwater said the company was not involved in negotiations to form a German company.
But he said Northwater would welcome more European alliances. U. S.
Tesla\'s chief executive, Elon Musk, said on July that the company is bullish on Germany as the location of its first European Geely plant.
Tesla already has a business in Germany, Pruem, and its Grohmann automation division specializes in providing automated manufacturing systems for battery manufacturers.
Tesla said it plans to build three more Geely cars in Nevada to match its first car.
The plant is jointly owned by Panasonic, the only battery supplier for Tesla\'s mass production
3 cars in the market.
China Contemporary Amperex Technology Co. , Ltd. CATL)
The company said in July that it would set up its first production base in Europe, Germany, and provide lithium to automakers, BMW. ion batteries.
BMW plans to purchase 4 billion euros of batteries from CATL in the next few years, one of them.
5 billion euros from the new site in Erford, eastern Germany.
The CATL plant will create approximately 600 jobs and reach a production capacity of 14 giva hours (GWh)by 2022.
CATL shipments were 12 GWh in 2017.
China\'s electric vehicle maker BYD is one of the world\'s largest battery producers with the lowest production costs, according to Bernstein Research.
A senior executive told Reuters earlier this year that BYD is considering producing batteries in Europe, adding that it is unclear where it might be located.
The company has two electric bus production bases in Europe, Hungary and France.
South Korea\'s LG Chem plans to produce 100,000 electric vehicle batteries a year at a new Polish factory near the western city of frotswaf, 190 km (120 miles)
From the German border
LG Chemical supplies batteries to German automakers Audi, Porsche and Daimler.
The company also received a contract to supply batteries to the German Volkswagen starting at the end of 2019.
The plant plans to produce an annual output of 100,000 batteries, roughly equivalent to 4 GWh, which means that the plant\'s capacity is only a small part of Europe\'s expected demand in the future.
GSR Capital www. gsrcapital.
GSR Capital, a Chinese investment firm, bought Nissan\'s electric vehicle battery business last year.
Automotive Energy Supply
Including battery factories in Japan and the United States. S.
Tennessee and England.
The British factory produces 2 GWh lithium-ion batteries for Nissan electric vehicles every year.
Japanese battery maker GS Yuasa Corp. said in January that it will set up a factory in Hungary to assemble lithium-ion batteries and consider producing them in the plant in the future.
Samsung SDI, South Korea, started production this year at a new factory near Budapest, which is expected to produce batteries for 50,000 electric vehicles every year.
Samsung SDI, a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics Co. , Ltd. , also produces rechargeable batteries for electronic devices such as smartphones and energy storage systems.
Samsung SDI already has a factory in Austria to assemble battery packs, and the company has provided batteries for both the general public and BMW.
South Korea\'s SK Innovation plans to break ground at a battery plant in Hungary this year and start production and production from 2020.
5 GWh batteries per year.
SK Innovation was originally a Korean oil company with the largest crude oil refinery in South Korea.
The company also has departments of chemicals, lubricants, batteries and electronic materials.
The Saft owned by French energy company Total produces a range of batteries, including those used for the back
Power and industrial applications for electric vehicles.
In February, it formed an alliance with Siemens, the German industrial group, and solpeacekeeping Mantz to develop a new generation of batteries.
The group will focus on advanced highLithium densityion and solid-
National Technology with the goal of electric vehicle, railway, ocean and other industry markets.
A Saft spokesman said the company was not involved in e-commerce activities in Germany.
A liquidity summit was held in November. 12-
Saft is not aware of another multinational battery alliance. The German-
A consortium of 17 companies and research institutes based last year announced plans to build two foundry plants.
Produce ion batteries according to customer specifications.
The company said that by 2028, the capacity of its two planned factories will reach 34 GWh, which will exceed the North Volt plan.
But industry insiders told Reuters that the consortium had liquidity problems as the company avoided investing.
So the future of tree is still uncertain.
The spokesman did not respond when Reuters asked TerraE to update its battery plan.
The Volkswagen Board of Supervisors will discuss its strategy for electric vehicles and batteries at a meeting on November. 16.
The German carmaker has said in the past that it is working on battery production at its factory in salzgert.
A source told Reuters on Thursday that the board will discuss
An alliance with South Korean battery maker SK Innovation.
BMW is building a technology alliance with northworth and Umicore in Belgium to develop the value chain for batteries in Europe, including development, production and final recycling.
The company also said it would purchase specific raw materials such as cobalt and then provide them to battery suppliers to ensure the supply of electric vehicle batteries.
Daimler says it will add battery manufacturing capabilities to its Mercedes-Benz
Mercedes-Benz\'s factories in southern Baden prefecture, sinderfingan and UntertuerkheimWuerttemberg.
The company has assembled batteries at the Kamenz plant in the eastern state of Saxony, but the plant relies on imported batteries.
German auto parts and tire manufacturer Continental has formed a joint venture with China auto parts supplier CITC to produce so-
It is called a mild hybrid battery in China.
Continental Airlines also said it is considering making electric vehicle batteries using solid batteries
National technology, but until more progress has been made in the field, for has been insisting for now.
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