Demystifying the unknown side of the virtual standard capacity of lithium batteries

by:CTECHi     2021-08-06

This is the story behind the virtual standard capacity of a rechargeable battery! The false standard is actually a hypocritical exaggeration, the original parameters are enlarged (exaggerated) to attract attention; today we will talk about those things about the false standard of battery capacity···

1, what is Is the battery capacity false?

The virtual battery capacity standard is a parameter that amplifies or exaggerates the actual battery capacity. The purpose is to attract consumers' attention and sell it at a good price.

Example A: Suppose the battery capacity of a 18650 lithium battery is actually 2200mAh, and the manufacturer marks 5000mAh on the battery, then this is a phenomenon of virtual battery capacity.

Example B: The title of this article is 'An unknown story behind the virtual standard capacity of rechargeable batteries!' If I write the title as 'New technology, a breakthrough in the capacity of a single 18650 battery 30000mAh”, then this is eye-catching, but without authenticity, it is illegal.

2. What are the benefits of black-hearted manufacturers after the battery’s false standard capacity?

The main reason is to 'sell a good price.'

Example C: Assuming a 3.7V2000mAh lithium battery pack, its battery energy is 7.4Wh, then if the lithium battery pack is marked as 3.7V5000mAh, then its The battery energy becomes 18.5Wh.

If the price per Wh is 2.5 yuan including tax, then the battery manufacturer can sell an extra 27.75 yuan, which is quite desirable for the profit of the battery factory in the black heart workshop.

Extension: battery energy u003d battery nominal voltage x battery nominal capacity.

3. Which ones are the easiest to falsely mark?

The initial virtual standard capacity seems to start with the battery of a copycat mobile phone. It is reported that the early popular copycat mobile phones have large ringtones, and most of the battery capacity is above 3500mAh at that time. It should be very difficult to achieve a capacity of 3500mAh for a square aluminum shell battery.

At this time, the virtual standard begins to extend, such as mobile phone sd card virtual standard capacity, mobile phone memory virtual standard capacity, U disk virtual standard capacity, mobile power virtual standard capacity, etc., in fact, the most It is easy to see that it should belong to the virtual standard of mobile power charging treasures. There are many stalls selling battery charging batteries around some railway stations. Most of these charging treasures have a capacity of 10,000 mAh and the price is about 30 yuan , You can imagine.

4. How to identify the false battery capacity standard.

Take this picture as an example, this battery picture is the virtual standard capacity, take this as a detailed explanation of the case.

The battery logo in the picture above is 186507.4V-5200mAh. It can also be clearly seen that it is a lithium battery pack composed of two 18650 cells, so why is it a false standard? ? Let's do a simple analysis together as follows:

A. If two batteries are connected in series, the voltage is 7.4V. There is nothing unusual about this.

B. The normal 18650 battery cell capacity is mostly 2600mAh, and it is not unusual for the parallel connection to 5200mAh.

Guan Jian is that a single 18650 battery cell does not have 5200mAh, including imported Samsung batteries, Panasonic, Sony batteries, etc. The author also consulted domestic 18650 battery cell manufacturers. The maximum capacity of 18650 batteries is only 3000mAh.

Extended little knowledge: The nominal voltage of this 18650 lithium battery cell is 3.7V. The voltage is increased in series and the capacity is increased in parallel.

Assuming that the battery cell capacity used in the above figure is 2600mAh, then the problem is coming.

If the two cells of the lithium battery pack in the picture above are connected in series, then its logo should be 7.4V2600mAh.

If the two cells of the lithium battery pack in the picture above are connected in parallel, then its logo should be 3.7V5200mAh.

So make sure that the battery logo in the above picture is suspected of being a false label,

Of course, whether the battery is a false label, on You can tell by testing the discharge data of the battery cell. Keep your eyes open when you buy a battery cell. After all, everything is worth what you pay for. 'Good quality and low price' itself is a false proposition.

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