cree xr-e led rechargeable torch flashlight black k35

by:CTECHi     2020-01-29
In today\'s era, LED flashlight is very important.They are useful because it becomes very important to have a light when you are alone in the dark.A lot of this LED flash...In today\'s era, LED flashlight is very important.
They are useful because it becomes very important to have a light when you are alone in the dark.There are many such LED flash lights now, all of which use the latest technology and have hardly changed in manufacturing technology.Solar panels and mechanical equipment are used to generate electricity for this equipment.
The solar panels are accurate in structure and work efficiently.The other advantage of these LED flash lights is that it has no battery and is friendly to the environment.Nowadays, many of these features are included in the LED flashlight, some of which are AM/FM radios with clear speakers and chargers that can charge Samsung, etc.
All you need to do is charge the flashlight and they can work for at least 8 to 9 hours after charging.CREE XR-E. LED rechargeable flashlight \\ rBlack K35 is an LED flashlight of this kind, made of high strength \\ rt6061 aviation aluminum alloy with CNC technology.It is powered by \\ r1x18650 high energy memory-free Environmental Protection Li-Ion rechargeable battery.
Capacity is 2400 mAh.
The maximum lighting distance covered from this LED torch is 200 m.This is a brand new \\ rtorch and we will discuss some of its internal features that may help you decide whether to buy this product or not.It is a black \\ rtorch with a brightness of 80 LM.
Use a rechargeable battery of 1*18650.
Due to the good strength of the shell material, it is easy to wear when it is treated with Anode Oxidation.The service life of this Cree XRBlack K35 LED rechargeable flashlight up to \\ r100, 000hr.It covers a distance of 200 with its light.
The voltage it works is 3.
The operating current is 750 mA V.
Its runtime storage time is 2 hours, which also depends on \\ rbattery and its charge.You have different buttons that provide you with different modes of operation.When you order LED flashlight for yourself, it is a package that includes 60 carton sizes, 43*57 cm for each carton.
Total weight \\ ris 26.
5 kg and the net weight is 25.
3 kg.
The accessories included in the \\ Rits package include 1 charger, 1 LED flashlight and 1 rechargeable battery.\\ RHence, this is a compact LED flash with accessories.These LED flashlights become more stylish and very portable, and you can easily carry them with you because of the small size.
Buy this LED flashlight for your own purposes.You will find \\ rit very useful throughout your life.There are so many websites that you can find these flashlights.
So order a product like this for yourself and gain an advantage.This LED flashlight is affordable on your budget.Solar Charger-
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