China and Canada sign an all-solid-state lithium battery technology cooperation agreement

by:CTECHi     2021-08-20

On January 22, 2018, Changchun Jinneng Technology Group (China) and HQ (Canada Quebec Hydropower Group, one of the world’s largest power generation companies) were witnessed by the Prime Minister of Quebec, Canada and the Canadian Ambassador to China in Beijing. Signed a China-Canada all-solid-state lithium battery technology cooperation agreement.

Canada’s Quebec Hydropower Group owns the world’s leading all-solid-state lithium battery patented technology, and has successfully applied large-scale industrialization in the field of pure electric vehicles; the battery has high safety and use The advantages of wide temperature and high energy density are recognized internationally as the development direction of next-generation lithium-ion batteries; the United States, Canada, Japan, South Korea, and China are all competing to develop all-solid-state lithium batteries, and Canada is the first to realize industrialization in this field. !

The 'lithium iron phosphate all-solid-state lithium battery' introduced this time has a specific energy density of up to 250wh/kg and a cycle life of 2000 times. Lithium iron liquid lithium battery has twice the energy density and is highly safe, non-combustible and non-explosive. According to domestic vehicle loading standards, assembling a pure electric car can run 600 kilometers. The introduction of this technology will surely promote my country's new The rapid development of energy vehicles.

The all-solid-state lithium battery research institute established by Changchun Jinneng Technology Group and Northeast Normal University Power Battery National and Local Joint Engineering Laboratory, Canadian and French scientists, is in the third generation Breakthrough progress has been made in the research and development of all solid-state products, and a normal temperature and high-voltage polymer all-solid electrolyte was synthesized!

Combining this technology with Canada’s industrialization capabilities and experience, a 350wh/kg ternary all-solid-state lithium battery will be launched. my country originally planned to realize the industrialization of this technology within ten years. , This cooperation will greatly promote the industrialization of all solid-state lithium batteries in my country.

New energy vehicles are a revolution in the global automotive industry. Power batteries are the core technology of this industrial revolution. Power batteries replace the traditional car’s fuel engine and remove the gearbox. New energy vehicles give China the opportunity to compete on the same starting line with the world's automotive powers. The key to winning this race lies in technological innovation and in batteries!

I believe that this cooperation will definitely promote the in-depth cooperation between China and Canada in the field of new energy, and promote the rapid development of the new energy automobile industry in the two countries!

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