Briefly describe the manufacturers of lithium batteries

by:CTECHi     2021-07-25

What are the brands of well-known manufacturers that make good lithium batteries? This is what people often search for on Baidu. There are many lithium battery manufacturers. With technological innovation, people's demand for lithium batteries will continue to grow. Today, I will introduce a few good lithium battery manufacturers. Domestic lithium battery manufacturers have mixed good and bad, and they have a lot of lithium battery packaging, but most of them are third-rate cottage factories, and those who are really doing well are the big ones. Lithium battery pack manufacturers are divided into battery cell manufacturers and lithium battery pack factories. Battery cell manufacturers mainly produce lithium battery cells, and some also do packaging. Lithium battery PACK factory mainly does battery packaging, that is, assembled battery, that is, lithium battery pack lithium battery pack. Energy Storage Electric-the manufacturer of customized lithium battery packs and lithium battery UPS production. NO.1 Energy Storage Electric is a company dedicated to lithium battery UPS, vehicle-mounted UPS, rack UPS, lithium iron phosphate battery pack, tower UPS, and integration Manufacturers of UPS, modular UPS, portable UPS, etc., all products can be customized according to customer requirements. Power supply company for Ru0026D and application. The company has been engaged in the UPS power supply industry for many years and has accumulated rich professional experience. It is well versed in the matching application of lithium batteries in the UPS industry and the status and characteristics of the lithium battery UPS industry. It has insight into the development trend of the industry and insists on safe, efficient, energy-saving, and green design. The Ru0026D concept provides safe, stable and efficient lithium battery products and solutions for users in various industries. As a power supply provider that uses lithium battery packs as energy storage, our products are widely used in: power communications, medical electronics, commercial finance, security communications, industrial automation, rail transit, aerospace and navigation, transportation and logistics, surveying and mapping, and other fields, flexible To meet the differentiated needs of customers in various industries and the pursuit of efficient innovation. It has grown into the world's leading provider of customized solutions and products for lithium batteries. The competition among domestic lithium battery manufacturers is very fierce. With an excellent lithium battery Ru0026D team, experienced manufacturing plants and considerate after-sales service, Cuneng Electric is becoming bigger and stronger in the field of lithium battery UPS. BYD-BYD u200bu200bBattery Co., Ltd., a leading company in power lithium batteries, was established in 2006 and is a subsidiary of BYD Co., Ltd. Its main product is a square lithium iron phosphate power battery, which is mainly supplied to BYD's new energy vehicles such as Qin, E6 and K9. The existing production capacity is 1.6GWh/year, and a 6GWh/year battery plant is currently being planned at the Shenzhen Kengzi base. In China, BYD is the largest producer of EV batteries, and it has maintained a strong momentum in the field of EV passenger cars. Now the new energy market is booming, and new energy batteries are even more at the core. In this regard, BYD, an independent brand of domestic autos, has done a very good job. I hope everyone can support domestic production. Ningde Times-the main lithium-ion battery Ningde Times New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (CATL) was established in 2011 and was originally a power battery of the New Energy Technology Group (ATL). The company’s business scope includes general business items: lithium-ion batteries, lithium Polymer batteries, fuel cells, etc. CATL focuses on the research and development, production and sales of new energy vehicle power battery systems and energy storage systems, and is committed to providing first-class solutions for global new energy applications. Jiangsu Cathay Pacific-a leading enterprise in the field of lithium battery electrolytes Jiangsu Cathay New Point Software Co., Ltd. was established in 1998 as a total information solution provider, focusing on smart government affairs, smart transactions, smart cities (parks), construction industries, etc. field. Huarong Chemical, a subsidiary of Jiangsu Cathay Pacific Holding Company, is a leading enterprise in the field of lithium battery electrolyte in my country. The electrolyte generally accounts for about 25% of the cost of lithium batteries. The company is a key high-tech enterprise of the National Torch Plan with lithium battery materials and organic silicon materials as the development direction. Tianqi Lithium-Lithium battery new energy core material supplier Tianqi Lithium is the largest lithium battery new energy core material supplier in China, a leading enterprise in the domestic lithium industry with leading technology and strong comprehensive competitiveness, and the world's largest ore extractor Lithium producer, Tianqi Lithium is a new energy and new material technology company. The company is committed to the research and development, production and sales of lithium series products. The leading products include battery-grade lithium carbonate, industrial-grade lithium carbonate, battery-grade anhydrous lithium chloride, industrial-grade anhydrous lithium chloride, battery-grade lithium hydroxide, and industrial-grade Lithium hydroxide and lithium dihydrogen phosphate, high-purity lithium carbonate and metallic lithium, etc. The production technology of battery-grade lithium carbonate and battery-grade anhydrous lithium chloride occupies the international advanced level. The domestic market share of battery-grade lithium carbonate is about 54%, and it is widely used in the domestic lithium battery cathode material industry. Summary: The scale of the domestic lithium battery pack market is relatively mature, and the fields involved are relatively comprehensive. There are also more and more lithium battery manufacturers. The lithium battery industry is still a growth industry, and there is more room for growth in the future. For the ranking of battery manufacturers, different evaluation standards are applied, and the ranking order will be different. No matter what, every lithium battery manufacturer must continue to develop new products and technologies and make continuous progress.

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