Brief description of lithium battery UPS manufacturers

by:CTECHi     2021-07-25

Lithium battery UPS power supply has gradually become known to the public in recent years. From the previous UPS battery to the main field of UPS lithium battery, lithium battery UPS manufacturers have also begun to lay out and enter this market. Today, the editor has collected a super comprehensive ranking of lithium battery UPS manufacturers and contributed to you. Why is the lithium battery UPS developing so fast? In recent years, the country and the industry have increased their investment in the lithium battery UPS power supply market. Regardless of the technical level or the product level, the UPS power supply market has greatly improved And development, lithium battery UPS has been widely and deeply used in industrial equipment, communication base stations, data centers and other fields. Lithium batteries are the first choice for environmental protection. Lithium batteries do not contain heavy metals such as lead, nickel, and chromium. Compared with ordinary lead batteries, lithium batteries have high energy density, small size, light weight, long life, and wide operating temperature range. Advantages, companies also provide reliable lithium battery UPS solutions as a new choice for customers. At present, many large enterprises at home and abroad have begun to deploy the UPS lithium battery market. Please look down on the ranking of lithium battery UPS manufacturers. 1. Energy Storage Electric-a professional manufacturer of lithium battery UPS. Energy Storage Electric is a power supply company dedicated to the research and development and application of lithium battery UPS, providing users in various industries with safety, stability and efficiency. Of lithium battery products and solutions. Products are widely used in: special modified depots, industrial equipment, communication base stations, data centers, security, rail transit, aerospace and navigation and other fields to flexibly meet the differentiated needs of customers in various industries and the pursuit of efficient innovation. Lithium battery UPS products include: lithium motor rack UPS, portable lithium battery UPS, lithium battery vehicle-mounted UPS, modular UPS, lithium iron phosphate battery pack, integrated UPS, etc. The products can fully meet the requirements of different power supply scenarios. The appearance design of the energy storage electric lithium battery UPS product adopts the most widely used 19-inch standard rack-mounted chassis at present, and the rack-mounted installation method saves space, extends the battery life of the UPS, and reduces maintenance costs. Users can choose different ones according to the actual situation. Installation method. 2. Huge Lithium Battery Huge Lithium Battery is a national-level high-tech enterprise that provides customized solutions and products for special lithium battery power systems for the personalized needs of global users in mobile power, energy storage power, motive power and backup power. The company has customized lithium battery solutions and products that are widely used in aerospace, missile-borne ship-based equipment, military weapons, satellite navigation, high-energy physics, railway infrastructure, public safety, power communications, medical electronics, commercial finance, photovoltaic energy storage and 3C consumption Electronics and other fields. 3. Pushko Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Pushko Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2012, focusing on the research and development of portable AC and DC power supplies, UPS power supplies, outdoor emergency power supplies, and providing convenience for emergency power in all walks of life. The products are suitable for armed police Fire fighting, medical rescue, environmental monitoring, power maintenance, outdoor office and other places. Portable UPS uninterruptible power supply is a 500W small lithium battery UPS power supply newly developed by Pushko. It has the characteristics of small size, large capacity, light weight, easy to carry, built-in lithium battery, long life, high safety, etc. The product supports wind energy , Solar energy, generators, city electricity and other charging methods, built-in MPPT solar control system and wind and solar hybrid power generation system, in a true sense to achieve outdoor portable use.

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