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by:CTECHi     2020-04-08
According to the reporter\'s understanding from relevant industry sources, the relevant standards of China\'s automotive electronic batteries are still in its infancy, and Huatai Securities, a new energy vehicle, said that the introduction of the policy will only have a short-term impact, but its own technical bottlenecks or constraintsThe long-term performance of the sector in individual stocks is more difficult to maintain.Technological innovation and changes in resource categories will have a positive impact on stock prices.From the perspective of new energy vehicle technology, domestic battery material technology is still in a gap with the international community.
electric vehicle battery separator laboratory products account for only 33% of the global domestic battery separator demand, and industry analysts pointed out that, domestic enterprises have less than 10 market share in the world, accounting for only 11%.According to the reporter learned from the relevant industry, the relevant standards of China\'s automotive electronic batteries are still in its infancy, and there are three factors that determine the future election.First, in terms of technology, battery technology includes a formula.
the gap between battery design and group technology manufacturers is not obvious. The main difference is reflected in battery design group technology.Among them, the group\'s differences in technology, battery and other aspects have been transformed into groups involving mechanical, electronic, group technology and other fields, and the battery pack life is usually only one quarter of single battery.
The second is the production process, the process of lithium battery, including ingredients, painting, baking, Kun pressure, slicing, each link of the manufacturer has a unique process, different factory processes are very different.The third is money, the power battery needs to continue to invest in technology and equipment, an investment is usually 5-10 billion, it is difficult for small factories to have financial resources to support power battery investment.Domestic lithium-ion production equipment to the domestic basic part of the enterprise to buy imported equipment every year manufacturers investment in testing equipment in 1000-2000 million.
\\ \"Science and technology creates quality of life and is proud of the national brand exhibition \\\"-Huayang Group will bring vehicle information system, vehicle navigation, tire pressure monitoring system TPMS, digital dashboard, air conditioning controller, precision parts, highMain product: car DVD player and car dvd, good quality.Automotive Sports, LED lights and other automotive electronic equipment Series products \"dressed up\" 2012 Beijing international auto show with a new image.Huayang auto electronics Beijing auto show with a full range of products is ready to go.
From last year\'s Shanghai auto show, Huayang has shown amazing exhibitions with its peers in the mountains, Kenwood and other worlds --Class enterprises in the national competition in the same room blowing up a strong whirlwind of Huayang
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