Analysis of Mercedes-Benz EQC Battery Pack Production Line

by:CTECHi     2021-08-23
Following the previous article 'Analysis of the Battery Module Production Line of Mercedes-Benz EQCAnd share through this article. 1) The layout of the work station is a screenshot of the entire work station layout that can be seen in the video, as shown in the figure below. It can be seen that the main frame of EQC's Pack production line is basically built with standard profiles. According to the figure below: No. 1: The fluent strip rack next to the line. The characteristic point is that a transparent plastic upper cover is installed on the top of the rack. It may be due to the consideration of the dust and cleanliness of the parts (the general Pack factory does not do this) design). No. 2: Hanging above the frame of the station profile, used to place the wire groove used for the cable. Numbers 3 and 4: The landmarks and signs of the ESD protection area, it can be seen that the designers of the Mercedes-Benz production line are aware of the ESD protection problem of the Pack production line. No. 5: Cantilever station HMI. Numbers 6 and 7: Each assembly station of the EQCPack production line of the cable chain that facilitates the movement of the tightening gun is basically arranged according to the above configuration. 2) The conveying method of the production line The conveying method of the production line is AGV guided by non-magnetic strips. The number 1 in the figure below is a device used to guide the AGV, but it is not clear whether it is a QR code, RFID, or magnetic punctuation. Because a special mechanism is required to turn the battery pack over, basically every assembly station has a guide rail as shown by the arrow below, and the AGV is guided by the guide rail to stop at the designated position. 3) The special mechanism for reversing the pack. Because the battery pack of EQC is large in size, considering the ergonomics, in order to facilitate the assembly operation of employees, each assembly station is equipped with a huge clamping mechanism as shown by the arrow in the figure below. After the AGV is positioned and stopped at the station, if the battery pack is to be assembled in an inclined posture (such as tightening the bolts and installing the wiring harness), use the clamping mechanism shown by the red arrow in the figure below and the yellow tooling on the AGV. Docking, and then use this mechanism to separate the Pack from the surface of the AGV. Turn the battery pack over according to the angle the employee wants. Due to the limited content in the video, I did not see the specific details of the docking mechanism between the entire clamping mechanism and the yellow tooling on the AGV. Compared with domestic battery pack manufacturers, the European battery pack production line is designed in terms of ergonomics, with more thoughtful considerations, even at a higher cost. In the previous article 'SAIC Volkswagen MEB Battery Pack Manufacturing WorkshopThe difference is that the tilting mechanism of Volkswagen MEB is a whole inclined conveyor track, all stations and guide rails are a whole, so each station can not adjust the angle according to the needs of employees. In the EQCPack production line, each station uses a separate mechanism to adjust the inclination posture of the Pack, which has the advantage of flexibility. In addition to each station need to be equipped with this set of mechanisms, it also needs to be equipped with guide rails for AGV positioning. Therefore, in terms of cost, it is obviously more expensive than the conveying rail. Another difference between the above two is that although Volkswagen MEB also uses AGV (part of the process is carried out on AGV), in order to transfer the Pack from the AGV to the inclined rail, a huge gripper is used for the transfer. The EQCPack is on the AGV throughout the entire process, and the conveying form is single. The above is a simple analysis of some valuable information on the battery pack production line of Mercedes-Benz EQC, and a comparison between the turning mechanism of EQCPack and MEBPack in particular. On the whole, EQC's battery pack production line is designed to be compact and lean in terms of layout and configuration. Some small details can also show the intention and humanity of the production line planner.
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