American Manganese company plans to recycle lithium-ion battery materials

by:CTECHi     2021-07-25

Manganese Corporation of the United States recently announced that its partner Kemetco Research has begun to process selected anode scrap samples through the first and second phases of a pilot plant designed to recover cobalt, nickel, manganese and aluminum. KemetcoResearch President Norman Chow (NormanChow) said that going through the first two stages is an achievement because the company is working to prove its patented lithium-ion battery recycling technology. In a press release, the British Columbia-based company stated that it launched a pilot plant after conducting hazard and operability studies and preliminary tests on all unit operations in the first two processing stages. The exploration company also provided detailed information about the different stages of its hydrometallurgical plant, aiming to continuously recover anode materials. Phase 1-Pretreatment of anode material Phase 2-Active material leaching Phase 3-Purification Phase 4-Base metal recovery Phase 5-Lithium recovery and water cycle The two phases are an achievement, as the company is working to prove its patent-approved lithium-ion battery recycling technology. 'This is a great milestone for the company because we are committed to a complete lithium-ion battery recycling process. Leif said in a media statement: 'The company also expects that its recently approved patent application will receive official U.S. Patent No. 'In the previous version, U.S. Manganese Corporation quoted industry sources as saying that up to 10% of manufacturing lithium-ion battery anodes were rejected. The rejected anodes were called 'scrapIn the company’s view, it can be recycled into usable anode materials.

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