amazon releases a $700 robot that cleans your toilet

by:CTECHi     2020-02-02
The hotel rooms may look clean but they may be a sanctuary for bacteria and not always where you expect them to be. This toilet-
Cleaning robots bring a lot to your swamp. needed scrub.
Image: Amazon Source: supplier Amazon is in trouble
Clean the robot and promise to scrub every bit of dirt in the toilet.
This strange robot can brush those hard with its brush. to-
Get to your toilet bowl area
Even clean the edge of your toilet.
The robot can clean the edge of your toilet.
Image source: suplidit\'s toilet cleaning robot called Giddel will save you $700.
This price includes a free slim toilet seat that allows you to connect the toilet
Clean the fixture.
The robot is designed to scrub your toilet when not in use
So remember, don\'t sit on it accidentally when poor things are at work.
Giddel claims that its bot has \"non-
Rotating brush for Splash
\"Free operation\" and said it was designed with an antibacterial plastic body.
Robots can also brush the toilet.
Image: Amazon Source: vendor robots can clean up many different areas of the toilet, including edges, inner edges, under edges, bowls, and \"down to exit \".
It covers each floor of the toilet by using the \"round and Wave\" movement.
The robot is also equipped with a telescopic arm that can be installed in smaller toilets, but can still be extended to all areas of larger toilets.
Spend your day in peace and know that your partner can handle these disgusting things.
Picture: AmazonSource: The product weight of the supplier ID Del is about 3 kg and is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.
The lab tested for three years and cleaned three toilets once a week with water
Resistant to internal components.
The creepy little face in front?
This is intentional, so make him your new partner.
Earlier this year, Amazon launched the Alexa electric toilet at the CES 2019 technology show.
Last year, a new \"Blowjob robot\" was released on the market to learn its technology by analyzing hundreds of hours of pornographic content.
The story was originally published in The Sun and was licensed here.
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