about batteries: tips on longevity and reviving the dead

by:CTECHi     2020-01-11
The 2006 rechargeable batteries are the muscles behind the brain of today\'s portable electronic devices.
But unless the phone dies during a call, or you\'re trying to determine which of the six charging devices are crammed into your suitcase before flying, you might not be too much thinking about the battery.
Despite this, Dell recalled more than 4 million laptop batteries, which once again raised concerns about critical power temperament.
Dell says some lithium batteries are defective.
The ion batteries offered by Sony, which caused some batteries to age and catch fire, suggested that owners of affected computers run them with wall current before replacing the batteries arrived.
Small recalls involving laptops and other devices in the past have also focused on lithium-ion batteries.
But the industry was quick to guarantee.
\"Hundreds of millions of lithium have been produced in this industry --
Ion units and ship them to each continent every year, \"said Norm England, chairman of the portable rechargeable batteries association of trade groups.
\"Ordinary consumers should not worry about safety.
There are two popular types of ad-charged batteries. Lithium-
There are generally ion batteries in laptops, mobile phones and ipod;
Nickel Metal hydrogen (NiMH)
Cordless phones and less batteries
Expensive digital cameras and several laptops.
These two types of ad batteries are usually made specifically for devices that power them, with their own proprietary charging plugs that give a typical consumer a bunch of Chargers to manage.
However, following some programs can help the battery run longer and safer.
In order to reduce the burden of charging, a variety of gadgets are also appearing --
And space in your suitcase that needs a charger.
Keep a garbage
Ion batteries are particularly sensitive to heat.
In order to avoid the danger of fire, they should not be stored in direct sunlight, such as inside the car.
Many manufacturers specify the temperature range of the operation.
In addition, the connector should be away from the metal that may cause a short circuit.
No matter what type, there are multiple ways to improve the life of a rechargeable battery.
According to Brian Kimberlin, head of consumer batteries at Panasonic battery in the United States, one of the best strategies to extend battery life is to use them.
Otherwise, \"they will lose the ability to charge,\" he said . \".
On the other hand, keep the lithium of the laptop
Full-capacity ion batteries also reduce the ability to have a long battery life.
\"It\'s not a good idea to keep your notebook charged all the time,\" said Andrew Bradner, senior product manager at American Power Conversion, a maker of charging devices.
In order to keep the battery able to stay charged, it is best to use the battery and wall current alternately to run the laptop.
According to Michelle Thatcher, CNET\'s senior deputy editor-in-chief.
Com, if you only use Wall current to run the device, you should remove the battery of your laptop to prevent it from constantly charging and overheating.
When the laptop goes to sleep, it continues to consume battery power.
To reduce power consumption, turn off the computer completely.
If your laptop is equipped with Bluetooth and Wi-
Fi capabilities, turn them off if you don\'t actually use them;
Otherwise, the current is drawn when the laptop searches for the compatible device to be connected.
To further reduce battery consumption, both Windows and Mac operating systems include control panels that allow users to improve battery life by reducing performance at the same time. (
To go to the control panel in your Mac, go to the energy saving pane in System Preferences.
On a Windows laptop, select the performance and maintenance tab in the control panel icon under the Start menu. )
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The hard drive can rotate down as much as possible, and when using battery power, the screen can dim from the maximum brightness. Other battery-
Saving policies include removing a CD or DVD from the laptop slot when not in use to prevent the disk drive from rotating unnecessarily and exiting any applications that are currently unused.
If you are not planning to use a laptop for a few months, the Apple computer recommends removing the battery and storing it at 50% of the charge.
The company says storing it when fully discharged prevents it from charging later, while storing it when fully charged reduces its maximum life.
Apple notes on its website that reducing the use time of the backlight is also a good strategy to maximize iPod battery life.
Use some of the same protection policies for your laptop to extend your phone\'s battery life: use the menu options to keep your screen dark and turn Java off-
Based on the game, disable Bluetooth when not connected to a Bluetooth device.
Of course, charging becomes easier and it is necessary to charge one day.
To avoid dragging suitcases full of chargers, some manufacturers have madein-
One device: charging bricks with different tooltip.
Universal power adapter ($100 from apc. com)
Comes with 10 laptop charging adapter tips.
The device works with line voltage, car voltage and even hard voltage in the US and Europeto-
Find the power outlet on the plane.
While charging the laptop, there are two more devices
Can charge the phone at the same time. The iGo Juice ($120 from igo.
Com and retailers)
Eight power tips are provided for charging a range of laptop batteries.
Optional iGo dualpower accessories ($25)
Allow an additional device, such as a mobile phone, a digital camera, or an MP3 player, to charge at the same time using an extra $10 adapter prompt available on the company\'s website. Less-
IGo offers an expensive universal charger that starts at $40 but cannot charge a laptop.
Several devices can help bridge the power gap when AC power is not available but requires charging.
APC Mobile Power Supply Group ($70)
The external rechargeable battery can provide an extra 10 hours of talk time for the phone, and the iPod Nano can provide up to 55 hours of talk time. U. S. B.
Connecting Cable Manually
Helds, mobile phones and other portable devices can be purchased separately from mobile computing. apc. com.
Portable Micro rattlesnake generator ($20 from www. sidewinder. ca)
This is a useful phone charging option when you are away from Wall current.
According to the model, turning the crank for three minutes will increase the call time by two to eight minutes.
When not connected to the phone, the crank charges the small light
2 minutes and a half to provide emergency lighting.
The company sells a range of mobile adapter plugs suitable for models such as Ericsson, Motorola, LG, Samsung and Siemens.
If the boot is not your style, soldier 1 universal solar charger ($110 from www. mysoldius. com)
You can power on your iPod, mobile phone or laptop. D. A.
In less than three hours, only the sun was used.
Soldius1 is available in a variety of colors, weighing 3 ounces and about the size of a portable calculator, equipped with adapter plugs for ipod and other music players, mobile phones and BlackBerry phones.
If all these tips look daunting, he says, then the best strategy to improve battery life is
England of the Battery Association is \"owner\'s manual for reading products \".
But dealing with so many new portable devices could be a challenge.
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