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Eddie Wren posted on the Daily Mail: 14: 52 on September 27, 2012 | update: 16: 06 on September 27, 2012
The electric car body will look like the future of life.
The Kymera rescue board appears to be a normal body plate, but it contains an electric motor powered by a lithium-ion battery pack that will allow the rider to cross the waves for about an hour.
California designer Jason Woods originally designed the device for entertainment purposes, but it attracted interest from the search and rescue team and lifeguards.
Lightweight private ships will be cheaper and more convenient than ships and jet skis that are usually used for rescue purposes.
Scroll down to watch the video: Jason was originally driven by regular fuel and decided to modify Kymera\'s drive system using the excellent torque provided by the motor, despite his further knowledge of his patents
A confidential pending system.
For entertainment users who may need longer use, Jason is also developing a propane-
The electric model allows about three hours of water time and increased power.
The electric model can provide a speed of about 18 mph (29 km/h) while propane-
The power model will reach 25 miles (40 km/h) per hour ).
See 5\'6\' for further board size options (1.
67 m) model with a 5 hp propane engine or a 2 KW motor option and a larger 6\' (1.
98 m) the board can choose a propane engine of 10 hp or 3.
Motor 5 KW.
The third \"rescue\" model dedicated to SAR users is a modified version of the 6\' board with high
End electric drive.
Jason also addressed the problem of finding a power outlet to charge on the beach, creating a solar charging station for Kymera, designed to fit on the roof of the lifeguard tower or into the roof rack of the car
The designer also plans to radio
The control transmitter enters the board, allowing parents or rental operators to control the child\'s ride.
The board has completed the testing phase and Jason expects Kymera to sell at a retail price of about $5,000 next summer.
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